How Automobiles Affect the Environment and Our Health


Modern automobiles are smart, large machines that do more than drive. Yet, they also pollute and emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This article explores some of the most pressing issues related to automobiles. Read on to discover how automobiles affect the environment and our health. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new car. You might be surprised to know that some of today’s most luxurious vehicles are also the most environmentally harmful.

Modern automobiles are large, smart devices

The capabilities of modern automobiles have been extended with smart devices. A modern vehicle consists of hundreds of computer processors, which are automotive-grade systems, but are still far from as powerful as a smartphone. In fact, a top-of-the-line smartphone processor cannot be placed in an in-vehicle computer. Android-based systems have shown their limitations, but a car can be equipped with a number of in-vehicle smart devices, including voice controls.

They can do more than just drive

Today’s cars are becoming more than just machines. They can park themselves, drive themselves and do many other tasks. Thanks to collaboration between major technology companies and the automotive industry, cars are becoming smart devices. With advanced emergency braking systems, mapping technology for autonomous driving and better fuel efficiency, cars are more than just transportation, they can be a way to travel. In the near future, automobiles may even become a part of the human workforce, as a virtual personal assistant.

They emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases

According to a new study by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, automobiles are the largest source of energy-related emissions, accounting for 44.5% of all transport emissions worldwide. Even plug-in hybrids can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 62 percent. Toyota, for example, has identified carbon as one of four environmental sustainability focus areas in North America. But how do we determine which cars are the most green?

They are dangerous

The California Legislature has recognized automobiles as being particularly dangerous, and has imposed liability for their operators and owners for car accidents. Despite this, no other mode of transportation in the state has the same special liability as automobiles. Horses, for example, have been used for centuries without any accidents and have been considered time-out-of-mind transportation. Nevertheless, automobiles are still dangerous. Here are some of the most dangerous cars in the United States: