How Technology Affects Our Daily Lives


Besides affecting people’s lives in many ways, technology also changes the way we interact with others. Some of the most popular examples of technology include mobile phones, computers, and communication networks. While these are just a few of the technologies that affect people’s daily lives, they are important to understand.

Embedded systems

Embedded systems technology has become a key enabling technology in the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology enables the creation of next-generation intelligent machines and devices.

Embedded systems are programmable components that use software and hardware to accomplish a specific function. These components are typically incorporated into a device’s hardware or firmware. These components may be programmable or fixed in function.

Embedded systems technology is becoming increasingly important in industrial control, healthcare, consumer electronics and telecom. These systems are used in virtually every modern piece of technology.

Communication networks

LAN (Local Area Network) is a type of communication network that provides high-speed communication between computers. It is used for sharing computing resources and software. Computer networks are used to communicate with people, exchange files and digital video. They can also provide access to the Internet.

Networks are divided into layers. The layers include the presentation layer, data link layer, session layer and network layer. The presentation layer encapsulates data and the data link layer breaks it into standard-sized packets.


Generally speaking, computers in technology are devices designed to perform computations. They can be digital electronic machines or analog machines. Digital electronic computers can be programmed to perform any computation or arithmetic operation. A typical modern computer can execute billions of instructions per second.

In addition to carrying out computations, computers can also be programmed to perform other tasks. For example, a doctor can use a computer to run a simulation to try to find a cure. A computer can also be used as a control system for a variety of industrial products.

Mobile phones

Using a mobile phone is something that we all do. It helps us to make calls and use the internet. It has made life easier for many people.

It allows us to communicate with anyone in the world. It is easy to use and affordable. It also helps us to get the information we need, instantly. However, there are good and bad sides to using a mobile phone. This article explores some of these.

The internet has become a major business opportunity worldwide. Businesses are able to import products from home and sell them to consumers around the world. It also helps us exchange culture and education.

Smart grids

Increasing demand for energy has resulted in a rapid increase in the need for smart grids. The smart grid is a system designed to optimize power flows, making full use of the cheapest generation resources. This improves system reliability and helps mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Smart grids can also reduce the cost of electricity. They can help utilities keep downward pressure on the cost of electricity by offering incentives to consumers. They also can help utilities implement innovative billing solutions. This makes it easier for suppliers to tailor power to actual consumer needs. They can also incentivize consumers to shift their consumption outside peak hours, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.