The Different Types of Fashion for Women


Fashion is not just a set of styles, but a social process. It is a way of dressing and behaving that is deemed appropriate by a social group for a specific time and situation. However, these ideas are not the same for all situations. In other words, fashions can be completely different in one setting and not in another.

High fashion

High fashion is a form of high-end clothing. Often hand-made, this type of fashion uses elaborate trimmings, notions and embellishments.

Haute couture

Haute couture fashion is one of the highest types of fashion design. It is usually handcrafted and uses handmade trimmings, notions, and embellishments.

Simple style

Whether you want to look elegant and sophisticated or business classic, simple outfits will always be in style. But if you want to achieve this look, you need to practice and learn the art of simple style. This French chic style is defined by a minimalist, clean look. It is highly personal and unique, which is why you should practice and master this look.

Elegant style

The Elegant style is very much in tune with our urban lifestyle, where we spend more time indoors, are less physically active, and are much closer to other people. The style focuses on sophisticated fabrics and draping silhouettes, like wool and silk blends. Even cotton is often used, but only if it’s combined with a different texture. Cotton dress shirts, for example, can look very elegant when worn with cropped pants.

Modern style

Modern style in fashion is the trend of mixing clothes from different cultures to create a unique look. For example, clothing from the south east might embrace blue, while clothing from the southwest might favor bright colors and heavy textiles. Meanwhile, clothing from the midwest tends to be more conservative and modest. These styles are not always found in fashion magazines, but can often be found on social media sites such as Pinterest or Instagram.

Sexy style

If you’re looking to create a sexy look, you can choose from a wide range of styles. Sexy dressing has become a mainstream style for women, but it is not limited to one demographic. Women of all shapes and sizes can achieve a sexy look with clothing with fitted silhouettes and high hemlines.