Types of Automobiles


Automobiles have shaped the world we live in today. From the first steam-powered vehicle to the most modern models, the automobile has changed the way we live, commute, and play. It has also shaped the environmental issues of our world. There are many different types of automobiles, including cars, minivans, trucks, and even airplanes.


Automobiles are motor vehicles powered by either an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. They are categorized into passenger vehicles, trucks, and special usage vehicles. Automobiles are classified based on their driving systems, suspension systems, and body systems. In addition, each type of vehicle has a specific purpose. Examples of passenger vehicles include cars and mini-buses. Trucks include pickup vans and trailers. Other types of special-use vehicles include ambulances and fire brigades.


Minivans are back in fashion and enjoying a renaissance in the automobile industry. The Pacifica, Town & Country, and Grand Caravan continue to dominate the minivan market. Dodge also continues to offer the Grand Caravan, although its production may be finished by 2017. Several manufacturers are avoiding the minivan market, and others are waiting for the market to improve before jumping in. For example, Ford and RAM have both introduced passenger versions of their ProMaster City and Transit Connect, while Mercedes-Benz has its Metris van.


In the United States, the two most popular types of vehicles are sedans and trucks. Both vehicles offer unique features and benefits, but the two are fundamentally different. In addition to their different size and weight, they also have different driving and fuel efficiency ratings. In general, sedans are much more fuel efficient than trucks.


Buses and automobiles both offer comfortable transportation for passengers. However, one should know the difference between them. Automobiles are designed to go faster and can accommodate many passengers in a single vehicle. Buses can be divided into two types: urban and suburban. Urban buses are smaller than suburban buses. Typically, these vehicles have two or three doors and are designed for city trips. They also offer extra seating and amenities, such as bathrooms and refrigerators.

Light-duty trucks

In Canada, the automobile and light-duty truck markets continue to change. The Department of Transportation is currently considering factors that might influence whether or not the existing standards for light-duty vehicles are appropriate for Canada.

Commercial vehicles

A commercial vehicle is a motor vehicle that is used to carry goods and paying passengers. In the United States, this class of vehicle includes buses, taxis, trucks, and trailers.