Types of Law


There are many different types of law. For example, there is Constitutional law, Private law, Company law, and Commercial law. There is also space law. Space law is a relatively new field that deals with aspects of international law related to human activities in space. While it initially focused on the relations between countries in space, it is increasingly concerned with commercial activities in space as well as property and liability issues. Other fields of law include tax law and financial regulation. Tax law deals with regulations regarding value added tax, corporate tax, and income tax, while banking law sets the minimum capital requirements for banks. These laws and regulations are aimed at mitigating risks and preventing economic crises.

Private law

Private law is the body of law that deals with property, contracts, and torts. It is an area of considerable debate. Some object to the idea of a private sphere in law, while others defend its distinctness.

Constitutional law

Constitutional law is the body of law that governs the United States. It is the supreme law of the land and has a unique role in interpretation. Study of this subject often focuses on the justices and their decisions. For more information, consult the Supreme Court Research Guide.

Company law

Company law covers the fundamentals of corporate governance. It deals with the relationship between shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, customers, and the community. It is also concerned with the formation and dissolution of companies. Some of the major aspects of company law include incorporation, share capital, and the Doctrine of Ultravires.

Commercial law

Commercial law is a field of law that deals with business practices. It is commonly referred to as mercantile law or trade law and governs the rights, conduct, and relations of business people. It is sometimes considered to be a branch of civil law, although it also deals with issues that fall under both public and private law.

Consumer law

Consumer protection laws are in place to protect buyers from unfair practices. These laws protect both the buyer and the public by providing a number of protections.

Space law

Space law is the body of law governing the activities that take place in space. It includes international and domestic rules and principles.

Constitutional amendments

Constitutional amendments are legal changes made to the Constitution. They can take two forms. The first form records an amendment as a revision to the original text. This means portions of the original text are deleted or new articles are inserted in place of existing ones. The other method records an amendment as a special article of amendment, leaving the body of the original text intact. However, the wording of the original text is not altered. This means that the amendments are enforceable, even if the original text has been modified.

Legal reasoning

Legal reasoning in law involves using logic to determine the best course of action for a situation. It is a general concept that applies to many aspects of life. It can’t always be precise, but it can help reach an objective conclusion.