What is News?


News is information about current events, obtained from everywhere, at every moment and reported quickly. It covers any kind of subject, as long as it is interesting and significant, but it is generally considered to be objective and unbiased in its presentation. News is usually published in the form of short articles (a news story) that contain a summary of important facts and details, and is then broadcast or printed by newspapers, radio or television. Many other types of publications also produce and publish News, including websites.

A news article begins with a catchy headline, which is often written by members of the editorial staff at a publication (although it may be that someone else writes the lead). The title should convey an exciting angle on the story and provide a glimpse into the main points of the story. It should then include the main facts, in order of importance. It is good practice to follow up these main points with additional information which helps to explain and clarify them.

The key to a good news article is the first paragraph, which contains the most important details and answers the questions who, what, where, when and why. The next paragraphs then give more and more detail. In journalism school, this is called the “inverted pyramid” and it ensures that the most important information is presented at the top of the story and then followed by detail.

Crime: Road traffic offences, burglaries, murders and other serious crimes are always interesting to read about, but even less severe crimes like forgery and corruption can be newsworthy if they affect a famous person or if they happen in an unusual place. Money: Business successes, bankruptcies and compensation claims are all likely to make the news. However, small sums of money can also be newsworthy if they are donated to a good cause; for example, a little girl who gives only ten cents to a fund-raising event is more interesting than the businessman who donates $100.

Other information which can be newsworthy includes changes in the weather, changes in fashion, new products and technological developments. However, it must be remembered that it is only the factual aspects of a story which change the world, not opinions or views about the news.

There are websites which evaluate the reliability of different sources of News, based on their ability to provide well-researched and verified information. These sites can be useful in avoiding bias and getting the most accurate information, but it is still important to try to get news from a variety of sources so that we do not become locked into our own worldviews. It is also useful to have a neutral party check an article for accuracy before it is published. This can help prevent a biased piece of news being misinterpreted as being “news”. In some cases, people have been arrested for posting false news online. This can be a very serious matter, so it is important to verify all information before publishing it.